Combi Series

Brand Name: PRIMA Welders

Model: Combi Series

Origin: Italy


Combi Series:
6520 Spot 65+PrimaMig204
6520 al Spot 65+PrimaMig205 al
8520 Spot 85+PrimaMig204
8520 al Spot 85+PrimaMig205 al
6525 Spot 65+PrimaMig244
8525 Spot 85+PrimaMig244


PrimaMig 205 al with 2 connection torch

Main features:

Combined welding system composed of a professional three-phase PRIMAMIG 205 al, PRIMAMIG 204 or PRIMAMIG 244 type welding machine and a SPOT 65 or SPOT 85, provided with one single supply cable.
This complete mobile welding post allows to solve any problem of repair and welding in the bodyshop, reducing working times and optimizing use of the space.
The technical features and performances are the same as those of the single machines it is composed of.
The PRIMAMIG 205 al, PRIMAMIG 204 and PRIMAMIG 244 welding machines feature a wide regulation range and are provided with a timer for spot welding with welding rod, a professional type rod feed unit of aluminum with drive rolls, designed for aluminum welding with optimum results. Complete with 3 m torch, earth cable with clamp and pressure regulator.


  COMBI 6520  
COMBI 8520
  COMBI 6520al 
COMBI 8520al
COMBI 6525  
COMBI 8525
Torche for Mig welder 3000
Welding cable -
Generator dimension WxLxH mm 350x520x200
Dimensions WxLxH mm 455x805x960 485x825x1075
Welding gun dimensions WxLxH mm 75x155x140
Weight Kg 95 105 113 123
  PrimaMig 205al
PrimaMig 204  
PrimaMig 244
Electric Specifications:
Machine power supply (*) 3Ph V/Hz 230-400/50
Rated power at 50% 25% A 190  35% A 230
Max. power 60% KVA 3,5 60% KVA 5,9
Fuses at 400 V A 16
Secondary no-load voltage V 17/33 V 17/38
Secondary short-circut current -
Secondary welding current -
Duty cyrles -
Welding capacity on sheet -
Steel welding wire mm 0,6 - 0,8
Aluminium welding wire mm 1,0
Mechanical Specifications: 
Closed cooling circuit (liquid cooling) - 
Operation (pneumatic)  
Elctrode force at 800 Kpa  
Air consuption per 1000 spots (cu.m)  
Noise level  
Ambient temperature  
Ambient humidity  
Throat depth  
Electrode arm diameter  
Electrode arm distance  
Electrode stroke   
(*) Other voltages on request


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