Prima Multi 204

Brand Name: PRIMA Welders

Model: Prima Multi 204

Origin: Italy

Main features:

• MIG-MAG: Manual-Synergic-Pulse-Double Pulse-Full Automatic Levels.

• TIG-DC: Manual-Manual Pluse-Synergic Spot-Synergic-Synergic Plus.

• MMA: Basic Rutile Cellulosic-Manual-Hot Spot-Arc Force-Anti Sticking-VRD.

Functional features:

Prima Multi 204, synergic MIG/MAG, MMA, TIG DC, pulsed arc welding machine with inverter technology. Touch screen that displays icons and values. Power line control (PLC). Programmes: MIG/MAG manual / synergic / pulsed / fullautomatic- levels. Programmes: TIG DC manual/synergic/pulsed/full automatic levels. Programme: MMA manual. Only the type, thickness of the material and diameter of the wire is set with the synergic programmes. Wire feed motors with encoder for keeping the wire at a constant speed. The machine uses three torches Mig/Mag, one for steel (SG2-Inox), one for aluminium (Al) one for mig-brazing (CuSi3), one torches for Tig and plier for Mma. Rear compartment for holding two cylinders (medium or large): a cylinder with mixed gas (CO2/Argon) and an Argon gas cylinder. Three reels for 5 kg coils (ø 200 mm). Wall support for the three torches.

Technical Data:
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