Robo Star Inverter

Brand Name: PRIMA Welders

Model: Robo Star Inverter

Origin: Italy

Main features:

Saftey at Work: Electrical and mechanical construction standrds complying with the European regulations.

Health and Operational Comfort: Mechanical arm for moving the gun raised and positioned by the operator with any effort.

Energy Saving: The particular design of the welding circut allows for the reduction of the supply power by 80%, that is about 5 times less than a cable spot welder.

Environmental Protection: Closed circuit cooling system to prevent the loss of hazardous liquid in the environment.

Highest Quality Weld: Welding spots with mechanical and aesthetical features equal to those made in the automotive industry.


Working height mm 2500 (/R mm 3000)
Max.radius mm 2300 
Articulations nr. 7 
Dimensions (rest position) WxLxH mm 1030x815x1250 
Welding gun dimensions WxLxH 130x350x410
Weight kg 165
Electric Specifications:
Machine power supply (*) 3 Ph 400 V
Rated power at 50% KVA 9
Max. power KVA 115
Fuses at 400 V A 35
Secondary no-load voltage V 12,5
Secondary short-circut current KA 13
Secondary welding current KA 13
Duty cyrles %9
Welding capacity on sheet mm 3 x 2,5
Mechanical Specifications: 
Closed cooling circuit (liquid cooling) -
Operation (pneumatic)
Elctrode force at 800 Kpa daN 560
Air consuption per 1000 spots (cu.m) 0,9 
Noise level dBA ≤ 65 
Ambient temperatuer °C5 ÷ 35
Ambient humidity % ≤ 90 
Throat depth mm 120 ÷ 600
Electrode arm diameter mm 25 
Electrode arm distance mm 120
Electrode stroke mm 12 ÷ 55
(*) Other voltages on request


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