Top Car 28

Brand Name: PRIMA Welders

Model: Top Car 28

Origin: Italy

Main features:

Spotter with 2800 A welding power and air cooling. The machine is controlled by the sophisticated MICRO DIGITAL 5 digital microprocessor control. Heating, deformation and straighten-ing operations. Welding and traction of all particular studs, nails, washers, rivets, bolts.



Welding cable mm 2000x50 mmq
Generator dimension WxLxH mm 220x400x220
Dimensions trolley WxLxH mm 700x450x800
Weight kg 22
Electric Specifications: 
Machine power supply (*) 1 Ph V/Hz 230/50
Rated power at 50% KVA 2
Max. power KVA 16
Fuses at 230 V A 16
Secondary no-load voltage V 7
Secondary short-circuit current KA 2,8
Duty cycles % 5
Mechanical Specifications: 
Noise level dBA ≤ 65
Ambient temperature % 5÷35
Ambient humidity % ≤ 90
(*) Other voltages on request


Overview accessories:
TELEMICRO 5 cod.90014027
PRIMA PULLER cod.600200
KS cod.60010307
MR cod.60010308
CARRELLO 3 cod.50010002
MULTIPUNTO cod.60010300
P8 cod.60010305
P10 cod.50010301
E30 cod.60010306
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