EOBD 3000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: EOBD 3000

Origin: Spain

The VTEQWin software allows the connection of external equipment, among them we can connect this EOBD, and through a Bluetooth connection to obtain all the diagnosis data in the VTEQ control panel. Making easy the use, the interface is the VTEQWin one and decreasing the cost since additional elements are not needed to show and to store the information.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 170x75x30
Approx. weight 0,2 Kg

OBD II / EOBD, Real Time Data, Freeze Data Frames,
 Diagnosis trouble codes, Erase Errors, Oxygen sensor,
 Non continuous test monitor and last running cycle diagnostic trouble codes.


ISO 9141
 ISO 14230 (KWP)
 ISO 11519 (SAE J1850, VPW-FORD, PWM-GM)
 ISO 15765 (CAN Bus for OBD)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Interface Via VTEQWin software
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