RECO 3000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Decelerometer RECO 3000

Origin: Spain

The new VTEQ remote control with display, incorporates an electronics capable of calculating deceleration measurements, showing the value measured in screen. The incorporated accelerometer chip 3D guarantees the maximum exactitude in the measured value.

In a totally autonomous way, with this remote control you will be able to carry out deceleration proofs to vehicles that for its typology can not be introduced in a braketester, these can be Agricultural Vehicles.

This multifunctional equipment allows, through the use of the adequate accessories, to carry on tests such as: Hydraulic Doors Dynamometer (Bus), Pedal Force Meter, Hand Force Meter and results printout through Thermal Tickets Printer.

Technical Specifications:

Accelerometer 3D Chip
Size (mm) 170x86x32
Approx. Weight 0,5 Kg
Measurement Range Between -2 and +2 g
Power Supply Rechargable Battery or 220Vac Power Supply
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