EUSA 3012

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Suspension Tester EUSA 3012

Origin: Spain


With the same features of our EUSA 3000, this suspension bench, although not being designed to carry out proofs to heavy vehicles, is thought to install in universal lanes. Its special ultrareinforced mechanical design, allows the crossing of vehicles of up to 13 Tons per axle above the bedframe, so the uncomfortable use of covers or additional elements in the universal lane is not necessary.

The connectivity with the VTEQ digital console offers all the functionality characteristic of all the digital VTEQ equipment: the results printout, inspections database,...

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 2x870x850x330
Axle Weight Supported 13.000 Kg
Track Width 800 ÷ 2.200 mm
Excitement Stroke 6 mm
Excitement Frequency 25 Hz
Wheel on Proof Load  Max. 1.000 Kg
Motor Power 2 x 3 kW
Power Supply 3 x 230V / 3 x 400V
  50 / 60 Hz
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