MOBI 7000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Heavy and Light Duty Vehicles Mobile Unit MOBI 7000

Origin: Spain


The MOBI 7000 Universal Mobile Units is a fully autonomous unit, it has everything needed to do all kind of vehicles inspection up to 18 ton per axle. As key features we can name:

  • ISO 20 standard container, totally autonomous unit including a powerful Diesel Generator, Turning System once the unit is unloaded.
  • Equipment: 18 Ton Brake tester, 13 Ton Suspension Tester, Side Slip Tester, Axle Play Detector, Light Beam Tester, Emission Test.
  • Lifting roof, Protection Awnings, 4 auto compensated cylinders to loading-unloading the unit, totally automatic ramps and platforms.
  • Office area with Air Conditioned and Heater.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) ISO 20 Container - 6.000x2.550x2.500
Weight 15.600 Kg
Maximum vehicle height 4.300 mm
Maximum vehicle width 3.800 mm
Maximum axle weight 18.000 Kg
Track width 850 - 2.750 mm
Diesel Generator Group Power 45 KVA (32KW continuous)
Diesel Generator Group Autonomy  16 hours 100% load - 29 hours 50% load
External powwr supply Possibility external power supply 3x400VAC
Equipment included    Universal Side slip tester SLIP7000
 13Ton Suspension Tester EUSA3012
 Universal brake tester BRAK7200
 Universal Axle Play Detector AXLE70002


  • Double Speed(3 and 5 Km/h)
  • Motors with Brake
  • Autonomous Group Generator 
  • UPS and electrical intallation
  • Protection awnings
  • Air conditioned and heater in office area
  • Turning kit
  • Gas analyser and Smokemeter in a compact trolley 
  • Electronic Light beam tester
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