BRAK 1000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Brak 1000

Origin: Spain

With a robust mechanical design and the VTEQ digital control unit, the motorcycles braketester BRAK 1000 is assumed as one of the most complete alternatives of the market in the equipment of two wheels vehicles.

The VTEQ digital console, offers a series of advantages such as: management, storage, monitoring and supervision of all the proofs carried out, easy and intuitive operation, interpretation of the obtained results, connection of external equipment (gas analyzers, headlight tester...), protection of software through dongle and one more large number of advantages that keep extending and updating day by day.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 1.020x560x260
Max. Axle Weight 500 Kg
Roller Diameter 206 mm
Roller Axle Separation 398mm
Test Speed 5,3 Km/h
Motor Power 2,5 kW
Friction Coefficient Dry > 0,8
  Humid > 0,6
Measurement Range 0 ÷ 3 kN
Power Supply 3 x 230 / 3 x 400V
  50 / 60 Hz


  • 19" TFT Screen
  • Multichannel Remote Control
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Pedal Force Dynamometer (necessary Multichannel Remote Control)
  • Handle Effort Measurer
  • Weighing Kit 
  • Brake in the Motor
  • Calibration Lever and Weight
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