SPED 1200

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Sped 1200

Origin: Spain


With the new current spanish norm refering to motorcycle equipment, VTEQ has developed several products, contemplating the different variants that this norm reflects. In this way all the legally possible options are offered, giving the user the opportunity of choosing what they need.

Complementing to the motorcycles braketester, this speedometer is presented with three variants, the portable option, with only 12 Kg. weight, and the other two options in built-in format, where we differentiate among the one that incorporates an electromechanical brake to simulate the road resistance, so that the obtained measure is carried out in conditions very similar to the real ones in road, and the version with free rollers.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 475x640x270
Approx. Weight 45 Kg
Max. Load 400 Kg
Roller Diameter 200 mm
Roller Axle Separation 300 mm
Maximum Speed Test 150 Km/h


  • Visual Display Unit
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