AXLE 3000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Axle Play Detector AXLE 3000

Origin: Spain


The main feature of our axle play detector is the robustness of the elements generally of biggest wear. In this case the covers with an overmeasured thickness to prevent deformations and the diamond-metal surface offers a resistance to wear and an adherence bigger to any option of the market.

Presented in two options, 6 Movements and 8 Movements.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 626x626
Max. Axle Weight 3.500 Kg
Working Pressure 120 Bar
Movement Plate 1 Travers
Movement Plate 2 Travers and Longitude
Displacement Power 1.260 Kg
Power Supply 3 x 230 V / 3 x 400V
  50 / 60 Hz


  • 6 Movements
  • 8 Movements
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