BRAK 2000

Brand Name: Vteq

Model: Analogue Braketester Brak 2000

Origin: Spain


The BRAK 2000 is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sizedworkshops, very reliable and easy to maintain. Allows to prove an axle, a wheel, 4x4 vehicles, and besides it allows to choose the senseproof, very practical option for reduced places.

Anyway you will be able to determine the options of your interest so that the machine adapts much better to what you need.

Technical Specifications:

Size (mm.) 2.320x680x280
Track Width 780 ÷ 2.200 mm
Max. Axle Weight 4.000 Kg
Roller Diameter 206 mm
Roller Axle Separation 400 mm
Test Speed 5,4 Km/h
Motor Power 2 x 4,6 kW
Friction Coefficient Dry > 0,8
  Humid > 0,6
Measurement Range 0 ÷ 6 kN
Power Supply 3 x 230 / 3 x 400V
  50 / 60 Hz


  • A4 Printer
  • Wall Mounted Kit
  • Weighing Kit
  • 4x4WD Kit
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Calibration Lever and Weight
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