Thor 73

Brand Name: STEL

Model: Thor 73

Origin: Italy


High performances and Safety

The THOR range is composed of a series of INVERTER Power Sources for plasma cutting.The RESET switch offers added safety to the operator. The technology “Check Consumables” warns the operator when consumables are finished and therefore avoid damage and re-working.


Part No: 601273000L


Materials: Welding Process: Environments: Main features
• Mild Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Castings
• Aluminium and Alloys
• Copper Steels and Alloys

• Plasma Cutting • Light Fabrications
• Ship-Building
• Maintainance
• Workshops
• Building and plumbing
• Electricians and installers
• Workshops
• Ease of operation
• Test Gas
• Reset
• 1-Torch


Technical Data:
Main Voltage 380/415 V
Phase 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Real Current (60%) 11,3 A
Real Power (60%) 7,8 KVA
Power Factor 0,8
No Load Voltage OCV 320 V
Current Range 30-60 A
Cutting Current 60% (25°C) 60 A
Cutting Current 100% (25°C) 50 A
Cutting Current 60% (40°C) 60 A
Cutting Current 100% (40°C) 40 A
Mechanical Data:
Earth Clamp - Cable 16 mm²
Degree Protection IP 22
Insulation Class H
Work Temperature 40°C
Length/Width/Height (mm) 500x200x360
Weight 18 Kg
The date are determinated at an environment temperature of 40°C


Main Accessories:
Circle cutting ATT.1 Torch
cod. 6074800000
1 Torch SL60 15m

Stand off Guide

Complete circle cutting attachment for 1 torch termadyne. Available to order cod. 601233000L Cutting of large thickness and for long stretches.
Decrease the wear of consumables and helps support the torch.

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