Siltron 15 - Rods

Brand Name: NetBraze

Model: Siltron 15 - Rods

Origin: USA


*Brazing steels yields 56,000+ PSI tensile strength (Requires use of brazing flux when brazing steels and brass)

*Low 1348F brazing temperature reduces burning brazing flux

*Brazes ferrous and non-ferrous metals including all coppers, steels(stainless, galvanized etc), and brases (Requires use of brazing flux when brazing steels)

SilTron 15 competes with BCuP 5 in all areas. SilTron 15's primary advantage is its 137F lower liquidus temperature coming in at 1348F. This equates to faster brazing which means you get the job done more quickly.

A sturdy no nonsense brazing rod container that will last years! The Cleantube is constructed of heavy brass, finished with a nickel plate.

Quickorder highlight No
Ag (Silver) % 15%
AWS Class No
Liquidus (F) 1348
Solidus (F) 1188

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