Siltron - Rods

Brand Name: NetBraze

Model: Siltron - Rods

Origin: USA


*SilTron costs about half as much as BCuP-5

*Cleaner, brighter, braze

*Brazes at about 20F cooler than 15)

*Copper braze can not be broken

*SilTron brazes ferrous and non-ferrous metals together at very low cost

*Brazing strength on steels 52,000+ PSI

SilTron is a phos-copper brazing alloy that has been modified to make a superior braze to HVAC copper connections and to also serve as a silver solder (Requires use of brazing flux when brazing steels and brass). Its bright copper braze is both faster and cleaner than traditional 15% and it costs less.

For a limited time get a CleanTube FREE with each order of Siltron, Siltron 15, and NetBraze 15! (limit 6 Cleantubes)

A sturdy no nonsense brazing rod container that will last years! The Cleantube is constructed of heavy brass, finished with a nickel plate.

Quickorder highlight No
Ag (Silver) % No
AWS Class No
Liquidus (F) 1413
Solidus (F) 1043


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