SO Bright 6 - Silver Bearing

Brand Name: NetBraze

Model: SO Bright 6 - Silver Bearing

Origin: USA


SO Bright 6 is a low temperature solder with a broad plastic range making it a popular choice across many industries.

You Get: 1Lbs of Spooled Solder



SO Bright 6 has similar properties to eutectic SO Bright, but flows in a thicker manner. It is useful to fill large gaps and to make heavier solder layers over the connection areas between couplings and HVAC copper pipe. Melting slowly, rather than all at once, SO Bright 6 forms a heavier soldered area. Silver bearing solders have been in wide use in many diverse industries such as HVAC, jewelry as well as cryogenic installations for over half a century. SO Bright 6 is a good color match for sterling silver. Contains 6% silver.

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