SO Bright - Silver Bearing

Brand Name: NetBraze

Model: SO Bright - Silver Bearing

Origin: USA


SO Bright solders are best used when high ductility and strength are required. Bright, clean and free flowing, SO Bright is a eutectic, flowing around corners quickly and smoothly. You Get: 1Lbs of Spooled Solder




A low temperature solder designed for A/C and refrigeration applications. SO Bright's ductile joints endure the vibration of A/C and refrigeration systems and eliminates the weakening of the base metals caused by the high temperatures of brazing. Recommended for all general quality work, SO Bright is useful in HVAC copper pipe joining due to its low melting temperature and high ductility. Compared to copper pipe that has been brazed, the entire area of copper that encircles the joined area is stronger when it is joined with SO Bright How So? Pressure testing proves that the soldered and brazed connections are both sound and strong, but the highly annealed pipe that is adjacent to the brazed copper coupling area bursts when under pressure. Silver bearing solders have been in wide use in many diverse industries such as HVAC, jewelry as well as cryogenic installations for over half a century. SO Bright is a good color match for sterling silver.

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