Brand Name: Uniweld

Model: Scrapper™

Origin: USA










As scrap steel prices continue to rise across the country, preparing steel for the scrap yard has become a primary concern in the metal working industry. This task has become easier with the introduction of the new Uniweld Scrapper outfit. Starting with a 21” long 50A-21 “tip mix” hand cutting torch, utilizing the safest gas mixing system developed, that keeps you back and away from the heat zone and two heavy duty single stage RV Series Regulators with stainless steel diaphragm, the scrapper provides you with a safe and efficient money-making method of cutting scrap metal.

Part # Cutting Hand Torch Cutting Tips Oxygen Regulator 5-125 PSIG Acetylene Regulator 2-15 PSIG Accessories
KV50AS-21 50A-21 164-1 164-3 RV8010 CGA540 RV8011 CGA510 TCS Tip Cleaner, Twin Hose 18' 1/4” “B” Shade #5 Goggles, Lighter

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