Miggy 171

Brand Name: STEL

Model: Sky-Miggy 171

Origin: Italy


Professional Multiprocess SYNERGIC

The MIGGY generator, made by STEL with inverter technology, allows continuous wire welding (MIG) with or without gas. The machine is extremely compact, reliable and lightweight, with a built-in wire feeding device and 5 kg coil. The principal characteristics are: possibility of MIG - TIG - STICK welding, microprocessor for functions control, arc-force, hot start, anti-stick, TIG 2-times and lift arc, designed and made in accordance with standard EN 60974/1 - EN 60974/10.

A highly competent wire feed mechanism results in smooth feeding of the wire producing a stable arc and quality welds. Easy to change polarity for welding with gasless wiress- no gas cilynder to curry. For site work the Miggy is ideal. On position X Miggy is even more portable and doesn’t need heavy gas cylinder.

  Part No: 601075000L


Materials: Welding Process: Environments: Main features
• Mild Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Castings
• Aluminium and Alloys
• Electrode Welding
• Tig DC Lift start Welding
• Mig/Mag Welding
• Medium Fabrications
• Automotive Factory
• Ship-Building
• Maintainance
• Workshops
• Installers and fitters
• Spool Wire 5kg
• Multiprocess
• Flux Cored welding
• Mig Torch included


Technical Data:
Main Voltage 230/240 V
Phase 1
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Real Current (40%) 18,4 A
Real Power (40%) 4,3 KVA
Power Factor 0,8
No Load Voltage OCV 15-22 V
Current Range 35-150 A
Rools 2
Welding Current 50% (25°C) 150 A
Welding Current 100% (25°C) 120 A
Welding Current 40% (40°C) 150 A
Welding Current 60% (40°C) 135 A
Welding Current 100% (40°C) 105 A
Mechanical Data:
Earth Clamp - Cable/E.Holder 16 mm²
Degree Protection IP 23
Insulation Class H
Work Temperature 40°C
Length/Width/Height (mm) 500x190x400
Weight 15 Kg
The date are determinated at an environment temperature of 40°C


Main Accessories:
Electrode Holder + Cable
cod. 602130000L
Spool Wire d. 0.9mm
cod. 6085800000
Gas regulator 2 gauges
Electrode Holder 16 mm2 with cable for electrode welding. 4.5 kg wire spool, wire 0.9 mm for Mig welding without gas Gas regulator with 2 Gauges


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