Max 161 PFC

Brand Name: STEL

Model: Max 161 PFC

Origin: Italy



• Maximum Reability.

• This generation of Inverter is able to optimize he input power with the innovative PFC (Power factor Control) feature. The advance PFC

dynamics allows the complete exploitation of the available input amps resulting in the delivery of the required welding current without power leakage.

• The operator will have the opportunity to weld a 3.25Ø electrode using an extension cable 3x2.5mm of 250m long (with Max

161-PFC Auto-sensing will be possible to weld a 2.5Ø electrode with extension of 500m long).

This is made possible owing to the unique PFC which self regulates the input supply. Making welding achievable even far away from the distribution panel.

  Part No:600049000L


Materials: Welding Process: Environments: Main features
• Mild Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Castings

• Electrode Welding
• Tig Scratch Start Welding
• Medium Fabrications
• Maintainance
• Auto repair
• Building and plumbing
• Electricians and installers
• Workshops
• Ease of operation
• Case Kit
• Portable
• 250m Extension
• 30% Energy Safety
• Fireproof plastic


Technical Data:
Main Voltage 150 V —> 290 V
Phase 1
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Real Current 20% 10A
Real Power 20% 2.5 kVA
Power Factor 0.99
No Load Voltage OCV 90 V
Current Range 5-150 A
Welding Current 45 % (25°C) 150 A
Welding Current 100 % (25°C) 110 A
Welding Current 20 % (40°C) 150 A
Welding Current 60 % (40°C) 90 A
Welding Current 100 % (40°C) 80 A
Mechanical Data:
Earth Cable/Electrode Holder 16 mm²
Degree of Protection IP 23
Insulation Class H
Working Temperature 40°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 330x135x270
Weight 7.0 Kg
The date are determinated at an environment temperature of 40°C


Main Accessories:
Case Kit Max
Welding Kit 16mm2
Cod. 60836000010
Tig Torch 17V Gas Regulator
cod. 6056100000
- Max 161 PFC
- Carry case
- Earth clamp with cable 2 m 16mm rubber
- Cable / E.Holder 3m 16mm2 rubber
- Hand welding screen
- Wire Brush/Chipping Hammer
- Shoulder strap
- Earth clamp with Cable 2 m 16mm rubber
- Cable / E.Holder 3m 16mm2 rubber
- Hand welding screen
- Wire brush/Chipping Hammer
Tig Torch with valve.
- Tig Torch 17V 4m Air
- Tig Torch 17V 8m Air
- Gas Regulator With Flow Meter.
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