Max 223C Pipeline

Brand Name: STEL

Model: Max 223C pipeline

Origin: Italy



The Inverter Welding Power Source MAX 223C, has been designed for mainly welding with a Cellulose electrode and Pipeline Welding. Its principal characteristics are: Robust, portable and reliability, welding of most electrode types including Aluminium and Cellulosic.
Features: Arc-Force, HOT-Start:TIG welding with Lift Arc ignition, Drive-Arc,Slope Down, Remote control, VRD.

V.R.D. means: VOLTAGE REDUCTION DEVICE which is the reduction of the current ,that is the reduction of the OCV(open circuit voltage) at security level below 25 V, in order to avoid Electrical Shocks. When the V.R.D. is activated the led showing the mode of welding will blink.

  Part No:600857000L


Materials: Welding Process: Environments: Main features
● Mild Steel
● Stainless Steel
● Castings
● Aluminium and alloys
● Electrodes up to 5 mm
● Electrode Cellulosic
● Tig DC Lift Ignition
● Tig Slope Down
● Tig DC Drive-Arc
● Pipeline Industry
● Medium Fabrications
● Mantainance
● Petrochemical
● Ship-Building
● Mechanical Works

● Dynamic design
● Fireproof Plastic
● Remote Control
● Arc-Force Adjustable
● Hot-Start Adjustable
● Tig DC Lift Ignition
● Drive-Arc
● V.R.D.


Technical Data:
Main Voltage 380/415 V
Phase 3
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Nominal Current (Duty Cycle 40%) 10 A
Nominal Power (Duty Cycle 40%) 11 KVA
No Load Voltage - OCV 90 V
Power Factor 0,7
Fuse 32 A
Current range 4 - 220 A
Welding Current Duty Cycle 50% (25°C) 220 A
Welding Current Duty Cycle 100% (25°C) 180 A
Welding Current Duty Cycle 40% (40°C) 220 A
Welding Current Duty Cycle 60% (40°C) 180 A
Welding Current Duty Cycle 100% (40°C) 165 A
Mechanical Data:
Earth Cable - Electrode Holder Cable 35 mm²
Degree of Protection IP 23
Insulation Class H
Working Temperature 40°C
Dimensions 500x185x340 mm
Weight 20 Kg
The date are determinated at an environment temperature of 40°C


Main Accessories:
Gas regulator with flow meter
cod. 6056100000
Cable Kit
cod. 6014600000L
Tig Torch 26V - Pipeline
cod. 600571000L
- Gas regulator with flow meter - Earth Clamp + Cable 3 m 35 mm2 rubber
- Cable/E.Holder 4m 35 mm2 rubber
Tig Torch with proffisional and robust
Torch trigger and gas regulation
- Tig Torch 26V 4m Air Cod. 600718000L
- Tig Torch 26V 8m Air Cod. 600719000L
- cod. 600098000L 10m Cable
- cod. 600099000L 20 m cable
- cod. 600101000L 30m Cable


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