Tig μP 253H AC-DC

Brand Name: STEL

Model: Tig μP 253H AC-DC

Origin: Italy


New generation of TIG

The Inverter Welding Power Sources TIG μP 253H AC/DC are developed by STEL with a innovative microprocessor that presents to the operator all the features and benefits required to perform very high quality welding of Mild Steels, Stainless Steelss, aluminium and its alloys. The advanced technology of its powerful microprocessor results in a perfect arc ignition every time.

During the change from Positive to Negative many welding machines require an High Frequency impulse “HF” to maintain the arc on. This causes noise and instability of the arc. STEL , thanks to its powerful microprocessor, controls the passage from “0” without the HF use.

  Part No: 607120000L


Materials: Welding Process: Environments: Main features
• Mild Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Castings
• Aluminium and Alloys
• Nichel Steels and Alloys
• Copper Steels and Alloys
• Titanium Steels and Alloys
• Tig AC Welding
• Tig HF Start Welding
• Tig DC Lift start Welding
• Spot Tig Welding
• Electrode Welding
• Medium-Heavy Fabrications
• Ship-Building
• Automotive Factory
• Nuclear Plant
• Militay plant
• Maintainance
• Special Maintenance
• Tig HF Start
• Slope UP / DOWN
• Post gas
• Tig 2 T / 4 T
• Complete AC Regulation
• Tig AC-DC Welding
• Digital Display


Technical Data:
Main Voltage 380/415 V
Phase 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Real Current (35%) 8,6 A
Real Power (35%) 6 KVA
Power Factor 0,8
No Load Voltage OCV 65 V
Current Range 4-250 A
Welding Current 45% (25°C) 250 A
Welding Current 100% (25°C) 200 A
Welding Current 35% (40°C) 250 A
Welding Current 60% (40°C) 210 A
Welding Current 100% (40°C) 190 A
Mechanical Data:
Earth Clamp - Cable/E.Holder 50 mm²
Degree Protection IP 23
Insulation Class H
Work Temperature 40°C
Length/Width/Height (mm) 510x240x500
Weight 33 Kg
The date are determinated at an environment temperature of 40°C


Main Accessories:
Trolley Tig μp 403H AC-DC
cod. 600343000L
cod. 600342000L
Tig  Torch STEL Freeze
cod. 600239000L
The practical trolley allows the movement generator in every condition of soil in safety and ease. Cooling system for Tig and Mig/Mag water torch Tig Torch with professional and robust Troch trigger.
- Tig Torch 20 4m H2o cod. 600704000L
- Tig Torch 20 8m H2o Cod. 600705000L
- Tig Torch 18 4m H2o cod. 605060000L
- Tig Torch 18 8m H2o cod. 600976000L
5 Liter Tank for Water Cooling System.


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